Words From the Wise

We all write songs about life, we just sing 'em different.
- Listener

Friday, April 29, 2016


What happens when I look beneath the face?
What will be seen once the skin has been peeled back and thrown away?
What will become of what stays above and what stays below?

She has stood confident and tall all she can
Confidence is fake and tall is point of view
Fear is flickering right next to her heart
She begins to transform back into what she is

Leave the torn pieces behind because you won't need them
Shove your way into the undergrowth and breathe in
Savor it
Linger in the confinement
Let out all your power
Let go of all your fear

It is dark
It is wet
It is waiting for your hatred
Give yourself
Only yourself
And you will find peace

Wednesday, April 13, 2016


There is a consistent drumming in my head
Loud, clanging, steady
It matches my every heartbeat
Before I even know it has happened again
it claims me
Beating in tandem I am not at all confused
I am not hypnotized 
I am aware to the point of clarity

Inside I am changing,
I'm moving away from the girl I have so 
carefully crafted
The years of learning what is acceptable to present
My surface is splitting as the fiery core of who I am
rises up and claims what is hers

I would let you
I would kneel for you in complete trust
The drumming of my heart only gains strength 
with the thought of you spinning me
Pinning me against the wall and holding me there
I want to be paralyzed and have every choice taken away

I want all you have to give and even what you think I can't take
I want you to try to break me 
because I know you never will
Bound by you, to you, for you
You know what it takes to release me
Help me so I am not destroyed
Please take away my choices and let me serve you
I will be lost without you taking
the snarling black and stopping it from
crawling and giving buoyancy to more of 
my usual thoughts
Fuck me, I need you to let me taste you

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Inside the hourglass

Time passes every day
sometimes it sprints by me so fast I can't even remember what I have forgotten
I'm slipping
If I had no place to belong would I still be moving forward

Even when I'm trying to suffocate my soul
I try to rip apart all that is good, to pummel my grace and force it to abandon me

I have a place to belong and my grace can not be ripped away from me no matter how hard I pull and yank and thrash and batter

It will not let go

I want to give into the soft and smokey darkness within me
I want to revel in all that I could be
To be able to taste all the things that are crawling just under my skin

I slice through my veins and try to force it out
try to evict the last shreds of my conscience 
Please just let

I open up and let the blood flow
I do not call out for help
I want this, I want to sink
Please just let me go

But when I look down the blood spilled is not my own
He has taken all of it
The beating, the sadness, the depths of everything I yearn for
He has torn open his very heart to give me mine

He reaches out to me and gives me back that last breath with just enough time left for me to inhale the sun